Kåre Frang

Kåre Frang works primarily with video and sculpture – sometimes combined in a staged environment. Frang’s latest works revolve around change and the fragility of everyday life understood in the sense that objects, emotions, systems and people – that could be said to constitute the artist’s world – are always at a stage either just before, during or after a collapse. What happens when the habitual rhythm is disturbed and the world as we know it destabilises for a while? When objects or people we are attached to act differently than expected?

Various forms of abstraction are present in the works, e.g. material transformation, manipulation of time or scaling of objects. This might create a certain feeling of astonishment or sometimes even insecurity in the beholder when encountering Frang’s works, as they precisely challenge our expectation and experience with certain situations and objects. This discrepancy is from the artist’s point of view a reminder to remain open and curious about a world in motion and decay at one and the same time.

Attachments 2021. Hand-painted Jesmonite, silicone, hot-melt glue, epoxy, varnish, ice cream sticks, sewing thread.

Changes 2020. Burnt red clay, chamotte, pipe clay, copper oxide, manganese, iron oxide and transparent glaze. Photo: David Stjernholm

Loving Eyes 2021. Handpainted bronze, non-hardening modeling clay, lye and soap treated wooden floor, baseboards, painted walls, LED-lights.

Changes 2020. Slow-motion video, foley audio. (video still)


Air (VW Golf lll). 2016. 180fps slow motion video. (video still)